Coastal IT is an established Technology Service Provider for businesses throughout Southwest Florida.  Our experienced and certified team will work with your company to design and deliver the most effective and efficient set of technology products and services to solve your unique business challenges and goals.  We perform the assessment, discover your requirements, design and implement the solution, and provide choices for ongoing support services that fit your business needs.  Call us today to regain control and start optimizing your technology environment.

Risk management, office collaboration, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the issues attorneys need to take into account when implementing and utilizing systems and applications. Technology is a valuable tool for a law firm, but it can also be a liability if it's not configured and managed correctly. LegalEdge, a suite of applications and solutions developed for attorneys, can streamline technology processes and give your firm what it needs to more effectively service clients.

The systems and tools that you need to be successful in capital investment cannot be developed by anyone outside your industry. Risk management, surveillance, supervision, regulatory and ethics monitoring, all are terms that are foreign to those working outside of the world that you work in. It was for that reason that we went to investors for help developing CapitalEdge.

What is BusinessEdge?  It’s a way to become more efficient, get higher productivity from your employees, and improve the quality of the services you provide for your clients. BusinessEdge is that motivating force that your organization needs to reach the next level. If you think you’re operating at peak performance now, think again.

Business and technology are forever bound and their dependence continues to grow each day.  Effectively utilizing technology in your business and industry requires confidence in your technical investment decisions.  With the rapid rate of seemingly new technologies flooding the market daily, the demand for an expert technical advisor has never been higher.  When you are in need of one of the technical products or services below, Coastal IT is here to provide you expert technical advice you seek at the moment you need it.